Chicken and Waffles!

One of my favorite things to do in Vegas is try to eat all my favorIMG_9624 (1)ite restaurants in 24hrs. My top picks of all times are 1. Joe’s Stone Crab 2. Pan Roast at the Oyster Bar 3. Steak House at the Circus Circus … But, my favorite brunch spot has to be “Hash House A Go-Go!” All the meals are super huge, and you can share each meal with 3-4 of your friends. There famous dish is the, “Chicken and Waffle.” It’s really worth it, for only $17.99. Look at the presentation on this piece! On the weekend, the wait can be up to 2hrs. There are 3 locations in Vegas, and 1 in SD. So make sure while you gamble, you gamble to pick the least crowded restaurant. Also, what makes this place so amazing is that it’s open 24hrs in Vegas. Since, a lot of the “Steak and Egg” specials are now nowhere to be found in Vegas. I always turn to Hash house to get a good meal even at 4am.

What’s your favorite brunch spot in Vegas?! Have you ever finished this plate? Let me know!