EAT at img_3880the Santa Anita Mall is a new section that is built with delicious Asian fusion restaurants. You can find delicious Green Tea ice cream at Matcha Matcha, or if your hungry, you can get Hainan Chicken at “Side Chick.” There is another long line that is around the corner, where they brought in the famous “Japimg_7733anese Cheesecake,” at Uncle Tetsu. The two big restaurants that’s surrounding EAT is the famous DTF (Din Tai Fung), and EMC Seafood.

img_7701 I can tell you that Santa Anita Mall definitely stepped it up on bringing trendy shops to the millennials. The area has a new face with tons of high end stores, a 2 simg_3891tory forever 21, and a lot of restaurants surrounding the entire mall. When you have a chance check out the new improved EAT. There’s still so many places I didn’t get to try, just because I didn’t have a extra stomach. For all you snapchatters, and instagram heads, there is a tons of spots where you can look cool, take pictures, and get those extra likes/views. I can give it two thumbs up on the new spot.


Santa Anita Mall

400 Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

Sushi GO 55!

img_1366Look! I’m all about great finds for sushi. As you know if you eat good quality of sushi, you know it’s going to be expensive. This is why I’m always on a sushi hunt during lunch! Little Tokyo in LA has the best sushi for lunch. You can go to any  Sushi spot, and the price will be chopped in half.

My go to is in the Japanese plaza, where they have a restaurant called, “Sushi Go 55!” It’s my all time favorite spot, where they serve the best cuts. I get there around 11am to beat the lunch rush, because who really likes to wait in line? All their special is under $20 but, if you do add the uni just add $6. Everyone is super friendly, and the food comes out fast! The presentation for the sushi is also so pretty, and they give you a pretty solid amount of assorted fish. Another great part about having lunch in the Japanese plaza is that they have a ton of dessert spots! But, tune into viveats for another post about those spots.



Sushi Go 55

333 Alameda St #317, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (LUNCH hours 11:15-2:15)


img_1537Whenever I’m in San Diego, I always have to go to Nomad’s. This donut spot sells out of donuts so fast, you’ll have to get there bright and early. My favorite always will be the “UBE coconut” donut. Also, they have a gluten free section of all the scrumptious donuts. Their flavor of donuts


always change, so it makes you keep on coming to try every single one of them out. I tried their lemon drop donut last week, and I was literally in heaven.

The Best part is that you don’t feel sick or gross after finishing a whole donut. It’s strange, I’m not much of a donut fan but, people always classify me as a donut girl. The thing about me is that when I eat fried food I get sick so I have to limit, and pace myself on eating the “good” stuff. However, not at Nomad’s! I can literally eat two full donuts, and be a happy camper.

Let me know if you ever travel to San Diego! Obviously, not for donuts but, if you are on the way, it’s a must!


4504 30th St, San Diego, CA 92116



Koreans are so clever on bringing two amazing things togetheimg_4592r. Pizza + Waffle how amazing does that sound? Seoul Waffle Pizza is the place, and it’s so soooo amazing!

The only downside is that you can’t make togo orders because then your waffles will be soggy. Who wants soggy waffles? Nobody! I really did love the 4 seasons because you get 4 different choices! For me I’m a basic pizza girl, so pepperoni cheese, will always be a solid choice for me.

The hours here are 4pm till 1am (Tu-Sat), 6pm-1am (Sun) and Monday’s they are closed. All good food spots are closed on Monday.

If you end up checking out this spot, tell me your thoughts!


Seoul Waffle Pizza!

3525 W 8th St, # 208
Los Angeles, CA 90005