img_1537Whenever I’m in San Diego, I always have to go to Nomad’s. This donut spot sells out of donuts so fast, you’ll have to get there bright and early. My favorite always will be the “UBE coconut” donut. Also, they have a gluten free section of all the scrumptious donuts. Their flavor of donuts


always change, so it makes you keep on coming to try every single one of them out. I tried their lemon drop donut last week, and I was literally in heaven.

The Best part is that you don’t feel sick or gross after finishing a whole donut.┬áIt’s strange, I’m not much of a donut fan but, people always classify me as a donut girl. The thing about me is that when I eat fried food I get sick so I have to limit, and pace myself on eating the “good” stuff. However, not at Nomad’s! I can literally eat two full donuts, and be a happy camper.

Let me know if you ever travel to San Diego! Obviously, not for donuts but, if you are on the way, it’s a must!


4504 30th St, San Diego, CA 92116


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