Koreans are so clever on bringing two amazing things togetheimg_4592r. Pizza + Waffle how amazing does that sound? Seoul Waffle Pizza is the place, and it’s so soooo amazing!

The only downside is that you can’t make togo orders because then your waffles will be soggy. Who wants soggy waffles? Nobody! I really did love the 4 seasons because you get 4 different choices! For me I’m a basic pizza girl, so pepperoni cheese, will always be a solid choice for me.

The hours here are 4pm till 1am (Tu-Sat), 6pm-1am (Sun) and Monday’s they are closed. All good food spots are closed on Monday.

If you end up checking out this spot, tell me your thoughts!


Seoul Waffle Pizza!

3525 W 8th St, # 208
Los Angeles, CA 90005


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