A *whole in the wall* series…

With @VivEats really kicking into gear, I will be updating more regularly! Thank you for being patience with me while I get my life literally, “together.” So here we are April 2017, almost approaching mid 2017. I wanted to focus on all the hole in the wall spots in Los Angeles. Being an amateur foodblogger made me realized how so many of these “real” food bloggers only just blog about what’s “popular” to take that one shinning photo, to get all the likes, and comments. So I’m here to focus on the mom and pops shops, and to give you an experience of what the real LA has to offer.

My first restaurant for my hole in the wall series will be at “little Jewels of New Orleans.” This spot is in the old China Town, smack between random restaurants.

Everyone knows that when a restaurant has a old school feeling ahem* “dirty,” that means the food is “really” good. Little Jewels is not only a restaurant but, it’s also a market. This place is the closest thing to New Orleans here in LA.

You can clearly miss the spot because it’s hidden, and there is absolutely no parking but, once you’re in there. The first bite of food will make you realize that it was all worth it. This spot is known for their “Po Boys,” but the menu can make you feel overwhelmed when you see the board. I recommend coming with a group of friends so you can eat calories together because, “sharing is caring.”

First order of business was to get a plate of “beignet,” which are sugar powdered french donuts. They are fried to perfect, overloaded with sugar! We also ordered their favorite “soft shelled crab” with shrimp Po Boy, and Boy was it damn good. The crunch of the soft shell was perfect, and the lemon was seasoned so right to drizzle in to the sandwich. I’m still dreaming about going back because it was so delicious and seasoned perfectly. I didn’t have the room to get their “crawfish mac and cheese,” but I’m definitely getting it when I come back. They have sodas and chips from New Orleans, might want to get that on the go too.

I really enjoyed eating here, the whole atmosphere was an experience, and you know when they have a picture of Guy Fieri, that is a stamp of heaven. Hope you enjoyed my first post on my “hole in the wall” series. Please do give me feed back, and let me know if you have any other places to eat. As always, Foodies Unite! Till next time!


Little Jewels of New Orlean 

207 Ord St, Los Angeles, CA 90012