Some call me Vivian Fierce but, I’m just Viv. I am on a forever diet but, crossfat (crossfit) to pretend I am burning some calories. I’m constantly traveling to eat, and looking for the next pop up restaurant. I’m not a yelper but, my Instagram consist of food. I’m a freelance Event planner who is trying to kick off a new company called, “Common Folks” (@weareCF). I also, have a newborn baby line called, “Onesie of The Day,” (@OnesieOTD) – and no I’m totally single with a bunch friends who are married with kids. I love festivals, concerts, and a closet DJ with 1200s in my room. I’m a sports fanatic, and know stats more than your BF for NFL/NBA. I just started learning how to cook, and realize I’m actually a 7/10, which is a pass. Thanks for reading this about me page, I actually don’t think I’m that fascinating, which is probably why my linkedin is 90% empty but, thanks for following or creeping (not judging). 🙂