A *whole in the wall* series…

With @VivEats really kicking into gear, I will be updating more regularly! Thank you for being patience with me while I get my life literally, “together.” So here we are April 2017, almost approaching mid 2017. I wanted to focus on all the hole in the wall spots in Los Angeles. Being an amateur foodblogger made me realized how so many of these “real” food bloggers only just blog about what’s “popular” to take that one shinning photo, to get all the likes, and comments. So I’m here to focus on the mom and pops shops, and to give you an experience of what the real LA has to offer.

My first restaurant for my hole in the wall series will be at “little Jewels of New Orleans.” This spot is in the old China Town, smack between random restaurants.

Everyone knows that when a restaurant has a old school feeling ahem* “dirty,” that means the food is “really” good. Little Jewels is not only a restaurant but, it’s also a market. This place is the closest thing to New Orleans here in LA.

You can clearly miss the spot because it’s hidden, and there is absolutely no parking but, once you’re in there. The first bite of food will make you realize that it was all worth it. This spot is known for their “Po Boys,” but the menu can make you feel overwhelmed when you see the board. I recommend coming with a group of friends so you can eat calories together because, “sharing is caring.”

First order of business was to get a plate of “beignet,” which are sugar powdered french donuts. They are fried to perfect, overloaded with sugar! We also ordered their favorite “soft shelled crab” with shrimp Po Boy, and Boy was it damn good. The crunch of the soft shell was perfect, and the lemon was seasoned so right to drizzle in to the sandwich. I’m still dreaming about going back because it was so delicious and seasoned perfectly. I didn’t have the room to get their “crawfish mac and cheese,” but I’m definitely getting it when I come back. They have sodas and chips from New Orleans, might want to get that on the go too.

I really enjoyed eating here, the whole atmosphere was an experience, and you know when they have a picture of Guy Fieri, that is a stamp of heaven. Hope you enjoyed my first post on my “hole in the wall” series. Please do give me feed back, and let me know if you have any other places to eat. As always, Foodies Unite! Till next time!


Little Jewels of New Orlean 

207 Ord St, Los Angeles, CA 90012





Bean Sprout Rice

When I was growing up my grandmother used to make this dish called “kong nam myul bap,” which means “Bean Sprout Rice.” I just remember how yummy it used to taste, so I wanted to recreate this recipe. When my grandmother made this dish, she used to use a pot but, now a days it’s so easy to make everything in a rice cooker, millennial problems?

Here’s what you need, and let me
know if you make this dish as well. It’s kind of an old school dish but, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.


4 cups of white rice

4 shiitake mushrooms 

1 lb of bean sprouts (make sure you cut the ends)

1 lb of meat (I used curry/stew beef cuts)

Here are the Steps:

1st: Wash the rice, then pour two cups of water, and let it sit in water for 30 minutes in the bowl of the rice of the cooker.

2nd: put the cut meat in a bowl, but 2 tsb of soy, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 1 tsb of sesame oil, 1 tsb of korean red pepper, and mix it up.

3rd: wash the beat sprouts, cut the ends.

4th: cut your mushrooms in small squares

5th: When your rice is ready to go, make sure you put your beef on top, put the mushrooms, and lastly put beansprout on top. Basically, you are stacking your items like you are putting things in a mason jar. Let your rice cooker steam for 45 minutes, or however your cooker takes, until it’s done.

To make the sauce:

4 tablespoon of soy

2 tablespoon of sesame oil

1 tablespoon of vinegar

2 chopped green onions

pinch of pepper

pinch of sesame seeds

When your rice is done, make sure you flip the rice in the rice cooker, so everything is mixed well, and ready to serve. Put as much sauce, as needed.



EAT at img_3880the Santa Anita Mall is a new section that is built with delicious Asian fusion restaurants. You can find delicious Green Tea ice cream at Matcha Matcha, or if your hungry, you can get Hainan Chicken at “Side Chick.” There is another long line that is around the corner, where they brought in the famous “Japimg_7733anese Cheesecake,” at Uncle Tetsu. The two big restaurants that’s surrounding EAT is the famous DTF (Din Tai Fung), and EMC Seafood.

img_7701 I can tell you that Santa Anita Mall definitely stepped it up on bringing trendy shops to the millennials. The area has a new face with tons of high end stores, a 2 simg_3891tory forever 21, and a lot of restaurants surrounding the entire mall. When you have a chance check out the new improved EAT. There’s still so many places I didn’t get to try, just because I didn’t have a extra stomach. For all you snapchatters, and instagram heads, there is a tons of spots where you can look cool, take pictures, and get those extra likes/views. I can give it two thumbs up on the new spot.


Santa Anita Mall

400 Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

Sushi GO 55!

img_1366Look! I’m all about great finds for sushi. As you know if you eat good quality of sushi, you know it’s going to be expensive. This is why I’m always on a sushi hunt during lunch! Little Tokyo in LA has the best sushi for lunch. You can go to any  Sushi spot, and the price will be chopped in half.

My go to is in the Japanese plaza, where they have a restaurant called, “Sushi Go 55!” It’s my all time favorite spot, where they serve the best cuts. I get there around 11am to beat the lunch rush, because who really likes to wait in line? All their special is under $20 but, if you do add the uni just add $6. Everyone is super friendly, and the food comes out fast! The presentation for the sushi is also so pretty, and they give you a pretty solid amount of assorted fish. Another great part about having lunch in the Japanese plaza is that they have a ton of dessert spots! But, tune into viveats for another post about those spots.



Sushi Go 55

333 Alameda St #317, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (LUNCH hours 11:15-2:15)


img_1537Whenever I’m in San Diego, I always have to go to Nomad’s. This donut spot sells out of donuts so fast, you’ll have to get there bright and early. My favorite always will be the “UBE coconut” donut. Also, they have a gluten free section of all the scrumptious donuts. Their flavor of donuts


always change, so it makes you keep on coming to try every single one of them out. I tried their lemon drop donut last week, and I was literally in heaven.

The Best part is that you don’t feel sick or gross after finishing a whole donut. It’s strange, I’m not much of a donut fan but, people always classify me as a donut girl. The thing about me is that when I eat fried food I get sick so I have to limit, and pace myself on eating the “good” stuff. However, not at Nomad’s! I can literally eat two full donuts, and be a happy camper.

Let me know if you ever travel to San Diego! Obviously, not for donuts but, if you are on the way, it’s a must!


4504 30th St, San Diego, CA 92116



Koreans are so clever on bringing two amazing things togetheimg_4592r. Pizza + Waffle how amazing does that sound? Seoul Waffle Pizza is the place, and it’s so soooo amazing!

The only downside is that you can’t make togo orders because then your waffles will be soggy. Who wants soggy waffles? Nobody! I really did love the 4 seasons because you get 4 different choices! For me I’m a basic pizza girl, so pepperoni cheese, will always be a solid choice for me.

The hours here are 4pm till 1am (Tu-Sat), 6pm-1am (Sun) and Monday’s they are closed. All good food spots are closed on Monday.

If you end up checking out this spot, tell me your thoughts!


Seoul Waffle Pizza!

3525 W 8th St, # 208
Los Angeles, CA 90005


Nitrogen Cereal?

img_6703If you’re ever in korea town, there is a new spot called, “Chocolate Chair,” that serves some pretty good shaved ice! But, what you also don’t know is they are known for their nitrogen cereal. I can’t say if I would order again but, it was definitely fun for social media, and to experiment fun ways of eating dessert. I highly recommend to be careful of the liquid nitrogen. It could be pretty dangerous for kids, and ADULTS. Do not drink or even touch with your hands.

You dip your cereal with the sweet sauce, I recommend salted caramel, and have some fun! They do called it “dragon breath” for a reason. Check out the smoke on my instagram on @viveats.

Chocolate Chair:

611 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005

June gloom… or bloom?

Every LA digital media company is trying to be the new face of a discovering a new creation of events. But, Thrillist actually did something right. I was invited to an event called, “Social Club.” The event consist of grouping all the hottest restaurants, dessert shops, coffee shops, to come to test out what makes their menus make their business so great. Live music to set the tone with surprises artists, and ummmm open bar! A well planned event, my friends and I were so full!!! We got full size donuts from voodoo, hot dogs, salt & straw ice cream, waffles, and so much more.

Below are some photos:

IMG_2889           IMG_2856IMG_2906




Pasta Sisters

IMG_3795I’m extremely picky when it comes to Italian Food. I think I been screwed eating too many crap pastas, if you know what I mean.

My favorite types of pasta dishes are usually Italian made, fresh, that has a homemade feel with rich tomato sauce. When I walked into, “Pasta Sisters,” I realize the kitchen took over the whole restaurant. I first thought this restaurant was a soul food spot but, it’s actually Italian family OWNED. The seating arrangements is pretty small and tight but, the customer service is superb. The vibe is positive, and they really make you feel at home.

I was able to taste the bolognese and the truffle gnocchi. Both really great choices, you can taste the freshness in the pasta. Also, their bread is freshly made, and they really hook you up! If your ever in the cuts of Korea Town please stop by, and support a family own business! You won’t regret.

Pasta Sisters

3343 W Pico Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90019




A cruffin is basically a muffin made with croissant dough. Mr. Holmes bakehouse is one of the only places in SF to get this delicious scrumptious piece of heaven. Being the foodie that I am, this was a must on the foodie list.

Usually, the bakery sells out of their cruffin by 9:30AM on a Monday! I was lucky enough to find Mr. Holmes and was able to squeeze this in my food adventure. To make this awesome, there was only 4 people in line. Either, the line died down or it was meant to be.

This small bakery can fit about 15 people in and out. They also13266083_10101908149664877_747224666595398524_n have more than just the cruffin. To be honest, my favorite bake good was the Ube Puff. It’s a square that has Ube (sweet potato) in the inside, and has a nice little pink pear icy glazed on top. Can we say party in my mouth? To find more about this information here is the location:

MR. Holmes Bakery

1042 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109